In Sophie Lanfear’s encounter with the walrus, she said ‘It was such a privilege to spend time with these magnificent creatures. To gain an understanding of their world for the briefest of moments. More people have climbed Everest than have witnessed what we did in this hut, on this beach.’ (image credit to Our Planet frozen episode)

We are a small band of designers / watch enthusiasts from the city state of Singapore. Located along the equator, we experience hot and wet climate throughout the year. The reason for choosing a logo which we hope as many would wear on your wrists is partly to create an awareness of our environment, beyond the radius of our city or suburb. It might take our minds to climates and conditions where most humans would deem inhabitable but are actual homes to many species of wild life. 

This is pretty much why we chose the Walrus. We definitely did not climb Everest. Needless to say, we haven’t met a Walrus. Unless you are a zoo keeper, most of us would not be encountering a mammoth with primitive looking tusks. Or, you may be living closer to the North pole than us. In which case, an Orang Utang to you is like a Walrus to us. The fact that they still exist is a miracle and we should try to keep that or improve the situation. If any of you read the text on the card where your straps are mounted, ‘Wear a Walrus‘ is a reminder that our daily actions affects other lives in other parts of this globe which we may or may not see in our life time. The parts affect the whole. We are the parts and collectively – the whole.You may not be the person to film the animals in the wild, but you are possibly the one that can choose to use public transport or cycle instead of a motor vehicle. You may not be the R&D person for a waste to energy specialist, but you can be the person to reduce meat consumption by skipping 2 meals a week with meat in it. Multiply that by the number of people reading this or Wearing the Walrus, that could be quite significant.So when you wear our strap and see the Walrus, choose to do what’s best of the environment. However small it may be. We want to our next generation to have it better than us. We did not choose a slick looking logo to build our brand into an ostentatious symbol. We chose a creature many of us will not meet in the wild to be worn on your wrist aa reminder to do what’s best for our environment.

While all the components of our product are made in different parts of the world, most are assembled in Singapore. They are then stored in various parts of the world for efficient distribution. 

We experiment and test products at great lengths and we are proud to say we have built a reputation for quality over short span of time. Rethinking and redefining what a product means to its user both in terms of aesthetics and function is the core of our ethos. Are fabric bands only for divers? Is the watch roll the best for carrying your watches around?

Here’s another first :

The latest addition to our collection is the W.I.S. Kit for watch, EDC, cigar enthusiasts. It is a result of a very fun collaboration with TY Alexander. We have more exciting ranges planned for 2021. See this useful review by Timetogo1978.