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Fine Canvas Strap

Canvas Strap Whenever you think of the words canvas strap, images of rugged charm that is slightly worn-out, flashes across your mind. The grains are usually coarse for its purposes as they are often meant for active usage. How is fine canvas strap going to compare itself against the commonly accepted norm? In this write […]

Spring bar tools to change strap

Types of Spring Bar Tools There are many types of spring bar tools in the market. Finding the right type of spring bar tools can be a daunting challenge. We are not watch makers, but we have been changing watch straps and bracelets for a few years now. You might be surprised to know you […]

Silk Strap – 2 Piece

Micro adjustable 2-piece Strap There is no need to reinvent the wheel. To wear the watch flat on one’s wrist without any material in between the case and the wrist itself, just make a 2-piece strap with pin, buckle and holes on the strap. However, there are limitations to the traditional design eg. an 8″ […]

X Hatch

Have you ever wondered how 3D images are created on the common note? Dots, lines and hatches. By manipulating variance in thicknesses, lengths of lines and intensities, so many different textures are formed. Skin tones, fabrics softness and even hair textures are created by viewing at a distance. X-hatch : the new range. The new […]