Not all are familiar with Single pass Straps. See how this quick adjustment loop is done by looping through the ladder buckle and watch head. (rotate your phone to landscape view if you cannot see all steps shown)

Position the watch such that the buckle and folds are on the underside of your wrist.

The strap is adjustable for different wrist size and they are made thick at 1.5mm thick and 1.6mm thick at 20mm wide and 22mm wide respectively. 

How to wear it so there is less bulk?

There is a specific way you can position the adjustable keeper such that it gives the least bulk when you wear them.

The fixed keeper should be positioned about 3 cm from the watch lugs at 12 O’clock. This gap will allow only 1 layer of strap to be on the side of your wrist.

From there, the buckle does not necessarily need to be at the dead center of the underside of your wrist. It can be slightly closer to the 6 o’clock direction of your watch. In this manner, the 2 keepers can be all on the underside of your wrist making it the watch and strap sit flat.

If you find the strap getting lose after a few hours of wearing, you might consider doing a firm loop through the ladder buckle. This will definitely stop any slipping of the strap due to pressure on the strap.

How do you loop a single pass with a Quick Adjustment Loop? See below

Shown below on the left is a firm loop while the right is the quick adjustment loop. The firm loop is firmer but it takes a longer time and practice to adjust the strap length. However, after you have sized it correctly, there will not be any giving way to the strap length.

Email us if you have any other issues with installing or wearing the strap: