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Japanese Fine Canvas Strap

In search of a densely woven canvas, we developed a series of fine canvas strap from Japanese canvas manufacturer. We have long noticed some of the finest denims are produced in Japan using antique looms, so we thought Japanese canvas should not disappoint. And they did not. Far from your average canvas, these fabric were handpicked from limited productions. We do not know when a color will cease production. We make the best use of what we can lay our hands on to design and make them before they run out. 2 series were made from these precious fabric.


Less is indeed more. In order to draw your attention to the fine grains of these canvas, we have designed them as simplest possible form without any stitches to distract. The strap is finished with Zermatt lining for the most comfortable experience on the wrist. It is also fitted with quick release spring bars for the ease of strap change. This version will suit any occasion should you choose to pick it for a dressy event.


This version is a common design using contrasting threads to hold the most vulnerable parts of the strap. So the structure of the strap has become decorative as well. These accents work as an intermediate color that might tie your watch colors to the strap you pick. Fitted similarly with Zermatt lining and quick release spring bar, this version will shine best on casual Fridays and the weekend.

These straps come in 18mm, 19mm, 20mm and 22mm widths and they come in different lengths to fit your wrist as well.

Fine Canvas Strap

Fine Canvas Strap