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The Reversible Silk design gives you 2 straps when you purchase one due to its differently colored, high density finishing on both sides. You will not find anything similar in the same category as this 100% woven silk strap. You can pair the watch and clothes of your choice to either side of the strap.

Our fascination with structure and weaving techniques drove us to the development of this Reversible Silk strap. We are awe-struck with repeated patterns in fractal geometry and traditional prints from various cultures. A strap is not a 2D object but a 3D construction its weft and warp. Looking at the detailed weaves you want to look closer. The graphic produced reflects the structure of its construction.

The history of silk has been nothing short of fascinating. The mystique of the silk road, the complexities of a commodity so sought-after that wars were fought. Fabric made of silk were fit for royals and nobles in the earlier years. If metal bracelets and leather straps were the only material considered for classic time pieces, the luster from this yarn would open up new avenues and choices for watch aficionados like yourself.

Reversible Silk Strap

2-piece Silk Strap


Reversible Silk Strap

Reversible Silk Single Pass