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Fascination with the macro world of how graphics are made up of micro dots and lines to form a larger image. We zoomed into old renderings of portraits on the common dollar notes and old architectural illustrations, and we see shades and definitions of forms are created by linear and sometimes cross hatches.

In this series, we use a very simple weave but spaced-out dots and lines and sometimes crossing them to create a new texture and graphic. In many of our previous rejected test weaves, there was an older version that we rejected due to the pattern. However, the texture produced from this weave had a special touch to it. We refined its pattern and made further modifications to it until we found a sweet spot where we are proud to produce them. We trust that you will like the new texture as we did. Quick release spring bars are added to 2 piece version.

Apple compatible 2 Piece

X Hatch Watch Strap