Camo Strap


    Strap Style and Sizes

    We have made them in 2-piece strap in 3 lengths and Zulu-styled strap in 2 different lengths. Here are the following scenarios:

    Small wrists:

    Recommend below 6.3″ or 16cm wrists
    2-piece: S size 6.5cm + 11cm
    Zulu lengths: M size 24 cm with 1 fold back into the single keeper

    Medium wrists:

    Recommend 6.3″ to 7.1″ or 16cm to 18cm wrists
    2-piece: M size 7.5cm + 11.5cm

    Zulu lengths 2 options:
    M size 24cm length without fold backs
    Or L size 28cm with 1 fold back in the single keeper

    Large wrist:

    Recommend 7.1″ to 8″ or 18cm to 20cm
    2 piece: L size 8.5cm + 13cm
    Zulu lengths: use L size 28cm without fold backs.

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