Silk Strap – 2 Piece

Micro adjustable 2-piece Strap

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. To wear the watch flat on one’s wrist without any material in between the case and the wrist itself, just make a 2-piece strap with pin, buckle and holes on the strap. However, there are limitations to the traditional design eg. an 8″ wrist will not be able to fit a 65mm + 115mm strap. The buckle ends up towards 12 o’clock position. 


The more we understand this hobby, the more we realize our wrist sizes are so different individually. Our wrist varies just as much as our heights.  Just picture the size differences from North America to Southeast Asia. When we have the right strap size, our confidence grows and enjoy our time pieces a lot more than a wrongly sized strap.

Learning from our single pass experience, generally, wrist sizes range from 6″ (152mm) to 8″ (203mm). Those who are veterans in buying 2-piece straps would look intently at the length of the straps before purchasing. Getting the wrong ones online will be a waste of time and money. The single pass seems to fall into the ‘one size fit all’ category. It makes sense that we work towards this direction for a 2-piece design. Moreover, micro adjustments from the single pass mechanism allow for temperature change causing swelling or shrinkage of our wrists. It is not a surprise when companies that create micro adjustable metal bracelets receive raving reviews. It simply makes sense.


Since the single pass is such a great solution, we thought of a brutally direct solution to keep its functions by ‘chopping’ it into 2 pieces.

At the top left we have the buckle side that can be adjusted from 65mm to 80mm length. At the bottom right, we have a 115mm tail that would fit most wrists from 6″ (152mm) to 7.5″ (190mm). See Video below how easily it can be calibrated to suit your wrist.

Our clamp system allows for yet another micro adjustment component for quick reset without having to remove your watch during the day to fit easily. You are not constrained by the distance between 2 holes in a traditional hole and pin buckle. You can size it to any length in-between the holes. Watch video below.

With those 2 systems in place as we have implemented them in our Reversible Silk Strap, this 2-piece version would be a great variation to a beautifully woven strap. 

Wrist shot of the 2-piece silk strap with a dress watch