“Most comfortable fabric strap I’ve EVER WORN and it’s worth every single dollar. Looks way better than your normal single pass straps too.”

– By Uravgwatchguy

Give your current watch an upgrade with the Vintage Military Watch Strap Series.

This breakthrough buckle & fabric design puts other watch straps to shame.

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Most straps on the market causes stinky wrist syndrome, itchy wrist rash and uncomfortable wearing experience when wearing a watch for long hours.

The main reason for this is because of the poor breathability of straps that staves your skin the oxygen it needs, dirt and grime accumulate when it is in contact with your skin and it is inconvenient to clean your watch strap regularly.

Here’s why most traditional straps are problematic after long usage:

Leather Straps

I realized that leather straps are not as durable as it seems after repeated use. It can get torn and worn out after awhile. 

A rotting cheesy smell can be left on the strap if it’s not cleaned regularly and fungus can grow on it if it’s not maintained.

Metal Bracelets

I thought of upgrading to a metal bracelet but I just didn’t like how it bangs against my laptop when I work.

The base of the bracelet gets scratched easily when it comes into contact with the desk top causing desk rash on the buckle surface after long use.

Plus I have a hairy wrist and the metal bracelet nips on the hair of my wrist whenever I wear it which is annoying.

Wearing the metal bracelet too long would cause both an itch and rash because of dirt and grime stuck in between the grooves of the bracelet and clasp.

Silicon Straps

Silicon straps makes my skin starved of oxygen after long usage and nobody wears a silicon strap on a Rolex.

I saw how others with silicon straps are broken after not wearing for a period of time. Some silicon or rubber straps ‘dry up’ and become brittle over time.

So it was a big NO for me.

So here’s a sobering thought:

Would you wear the same underwear for a month without washing?

Why would someone do the same to their wrist with a dirty watch strap that have not been cleaned for months or worse…. a year?

The only watch straps that made sense were fabric straps allows me to switch out the old straps for new like how I would switch out an old underwear to a new one.

No more itchy wrist, funky smells and enduring disgusted looks from others while they hold their breath around me.

After deciding that the simple fabric strap has many unfair advantage over all other straps, I went to amazon and e-bay to find a suitable strap. When I saw the reviews of these highly recommended fabric straps, I was shocked by what I read and how poorly designed these straps are…

Would you compromise your watch for just $14.99?

This top selling strap on amazon uses only super glue to hold their straps together instead of stitching it to save on labor and material cost. This is a design failure because when the glue weakens over time, the watch safety is compromised.

They claimed their hardware is sturdy but look at the keeper ring on this strap…

The rings gets bend out of shape when it got shipped over to a customer. They used cheap materials and lousy metal alloys that cannot maintain it’s shape when under pressure. 

Weak Buckle = Higher Risk Of Loosing/Damaging Watch

If the springbar is holding both the clasp and the fabric strap at the same time, this adds a lot of stress to the spring bar and makes the springbar gets out of shape easily.

When the buckle’s springbar goes out of shape or breaks, I hope your watch does not get damage or worse… goes missing.

This happened to an amazon buyer of the bond strap with a single spring bar installed on to the buckle.

Bottom line: One could easily lose an expensive wrist watch with a weak buckle

Holes are poorly welded – fallen apart after 3 days!

The holes in this particular strap on Amazon have no welding. The main hole has been frayed badly and the other holes adjacent are completely without any heat welding.

This was reported by Amazon’s customers after using this particular cheap strap repeatedly after 3 days. What a waste of money!

I was disappointed with the quality and the poor design by these “Highly Recommended” fabric watch straps on amazon and e-bay. 

When I looked at the higher end branded fabric strap…

It cost $295 for a quality fabric strap!


I rather spend that money on a new watch instead.


By using my architectural training, would I be able to create a new strap that solves all my problems by eliminating all the design flaws of these cheap straps and make it affordable by tweaking it?

I was able to take the best of each type strap and put it into 1 strap where it can have:

  1. The durability and toughness of a metal bracelet yet leaving no scratch marks on it.
  2. The flexibility and classiness of a leather strap without the smell and itch caused after long hours of usage.
  3. The ease of cleaning and all weather usage (regardless of rain/shine) with a silicon strap.
  4. The breathability, the failsafe design and ease of switching to another strap like a NATO fabric strap.

I took out my sketchpad and started identifying the flaws, eliminating excess and made design improvements to the common NATO fabric strap.

After 11 failed prototypes I built this strap with the design objectives that it would incorporate meticulous attention to details and also last a lifetime under rugged & demanding conditions.

Using 316L Surgical Stainless Steel For Hardware

By using only 316L Surgical Stainless Steel for the ring keepers and buckle because of it’s hardiness and anti rust property so that you can take your watch for a dive, withstand shocks and impact and keep its shape. 

Free Flowing Adjustable Keeper Rings For A Custom Fit On The Wrist 

By switching to a free flowing keeper rings (right) over a fixed keeper rings (left), the strap length can be adjusted to fit your wrist size comfortably.

Using a single pass design to reduce bloat & weight and yet keeping the failsafe design 

As for the strap design, I opted for the single pass over the double pass because it provides the same safety feature and it also reduces bloat under the watch.

This Single Pass ingenuity is its simplicity in its construction. The buckle and first keeper can be easily removed. The remaining textile strap can be washed in a washing machine. 

Single pass adjustable strap with free flowing keepers instead of fixed keepers to help give a custom fit regardless of wrist size and fail safe design with single pass.



Design Sketch Of The 1st Ladder Buckle Design

Prototype created with the 1st ladder design

I redesigned the traditional pin buckle by combining it with a ladder design to ensure a snuggly and comfortable fit for most wrist sizes. 

By keeping the pin buckle on the front, the strap can conform really well to all types of wrists thanks to its use of far less moving parts, making it much slimmer.

However the limitation of just a normal pin buckle, it might be a little bit annoying if your wrist is actually a size between the holes: one may be slightly too tight, and the next one up a little too loose.

This is why we added the ladder design together with the free flowing keepers to ensure an adjustable fit to give your wrist the most comfortable and custom fit experience when you wear our strap. 

Combat Fraying With Superior Hardware & Cutting

To combat the issue of fraying on most fabric straps, I opted to use a rounded edge tongue over a sharp edge tongue because it would be gentle on the holes of the fabric strap after repeated use. Plus it is safe on the skin because if the edge of the tongue is sharp, it can cut the skin. 

By using precision laser to cut accurate holes on the watch strap and heat pressing the edges of the holes to prevent the strap holes from fraying while maintaining the minimalistic design. 

Latest Version Of The Ladder Buckle

Using Polycotton Instead Of Nylon As The Material For The Fabric Strap

By using polycotton fabric instead of nylon for the strap because of 9 reasons:

  1. Lighter than nylon fabric
  2. Breathable when worn on skin
  3. Tear-resistant and it doesn’t fray easily
  4. Abrasion-resistant
  5. Wrinkle resistant.
  6. Tough, strong and durable. Great for rugged and outdoor use.
  7. Fade resistant and retains their color after repeated washing.
  8. Comfortable on the skin
  9. It’s machine washing friendly. You can easily throw this strap together with your laundry and it dries quick under the sun. 

This is the reason why polycotton fabric is being used by the military for it’s webbing and helmet chin strap. By taking the same fabric that the military is using and applying it to the everyday watch strap makes perfect sense!

After creating it, I brought it out for a dive and stress tested with my other watch by letting it swim with the fishes and going on hikes with it.

The failsafe mechanism of this watch strap held the watch to the strap despite loosing a spring bar during hiking. Plus the color remained on the strap when underwater and dries in minutes.

I fell in love with this new Military Vintage Watch Strap because:

  1. The new strap has the toughness and durability of a metal bracelet and it doesn’t leave any scratches on the strap.

  2. It is lightweight, classy and flexible like a leather strap because of the color and weaving. Plus it doesn’t get worn out after repeated use.

  3. Because it is washing machine friendly, I am able to let the washing machine clean my strap regularly as often as I do my laundry. No more itchy wrist and smelly straps!

  4. It is great for rugged use. The custom fit to my wrist with the ladder buckle and the breathable material makes it comfortable for any situation you go through in life. The fail safe design works like a charm when the springbar malfunctions. 

  5. The single pass design reduces bloat on the watch plus it makes it’s easier to do micro adjustments. This gives you a comfortable and perfect fit for your wrist. 

As for looks, some might find fabric straps to be cheap looking and boy scout-ish. They think that fabric watch straps only goes well with low to mid ranges watches but it doesn’t go well with their high end luxury watches are just dead wrong on that.

Just look at Daniel Craig spotting a fabric watch strap with an Omega Speedmaster. It simply looks amazing for work, play and even on secret missions to save the world.

Fabric watch straps looks amazing for any watch and wrist size.

It also brought new life to my old watches and these watches became my new favorite again.

Come to think about it, It’s so much cheaper to change to a fabric watch strap than to buy a new watch.

New Strap, New Watch!

Suits any occasion. Perfect for work and play!

I showed my creation to my friends and fellow watch enthusiasts and….

They were blown away by the look, feel and fit. They loved it! Some were even saying that it’s better than the original Tudor fabric strap that cost $295 and mine was going at a fraction of the price.

After  11 failed prototypes and making many design improvements to my straps, I am proud to bring you…

The Vintage Military Strap Series

It’s the perfect choice for any watch.

Our straps are folded around the assembly and ultrasonic welded together for structural integrity to ensure that the hardware will not come loose from the strap.

Inspired by the tough, military-issued webbing and yet having a soft, comfortable feel to the skin, the polycotton fabric is lighter and durable than nylon fabric.

Using only 316L surgical stainless steel (the same material used for swiss made watch casing), our hardware are built to last a lifetime.

Combining the ladder buckle design with flexible keep rings, you can adjust the strap for a customized perfect fit to your wrist that other types of watch straps are unable to do so. 

This is why our straps are so well loved by our customers because

Our straps are unique in a world of copies

Our watch strap went viral on social media and it was reviewed by many watch enthusiasts on youtube and instagram

“I’ve have these on a couple of different watches and I am really enjoying them…”
– TimeToGo Travel And Timepieces

“Fits very nicely on the wrist, very comfortable material”
– Wrist Watch Addiction

“If one of the watch’s springbar pops off your watch, it’s still going to stay in place.”
– Madrock Watches & Adventure

GQ magazines featured my watch straps multiple times

To sum it all up, enjoy these benefits when you wear our unique watch strap:


Cure stinky wrist syndrome and itchy wrists with our easy to clean and easy swap fabric watch strap

The VTG MIL Watch Strap series is made to be washing machine friendly. With the polycotton material and the single pass design, it makes the strap easy to remove from the watch head and detach the buckle from the strap without any special tools.

Simply put the strap into any pockets of your pants/jeans and throw it into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. Let the washing machine do the hard work of cleaning the dirt and grime off from the watch strap while you go about with your life.

While you wait for the first strap to be cleaned and dried, you can switch to another strap and go about your day with your watch to ensure no downtime.

There is no way you can ever do that with your leather, metal and silicon straps without damaging the strap.

Stinky wrist syndrome is gone as you wash your straps as often as you wash your underwear.


Enjoy a peace of mind whenever you bring your watch out knowing that it will be saved from any springbar malfunction

Our strap uses a single pass and a ladder buckle design.

This eliminates the chance of loosing your precious watch from a damaged out of shape springbar. 

This watch strap is a saviour to your watch and it is one of the best investments you can make.


An all weather strap that can handle any rugged or demanding situation that you throw at it like a double O seven agent

For all our hardware (buckle and keeper rings), our strap uses 316L Surgical Stainless Steel. This material is used by Swiss & Japanese watch makers to make the watch casing with. By using the same material for your buckle and keeper rings, you enjoy the strength, durability and anti rust properties on your strap. Now you can go about your daily activities with a piece of mind.

When the hardware is paired together with our polycotton fabric, enjoy the toughness, breathability and flexibility of a military webbing on your wrist. 

The single underpass covers the bottom of the watch from scratches, it also protects your skin from the cold steel during winter.

With our strap, you can swim, gym and work without fear of damaging or leaving abrasion/scratch marks on your watch strap.


Well fitted, light weight & comfortable on the wrist

With the double spring bar and the locking mechanism on the ladder buckle, the strap can be adjusted to fit a large range of wrist sizes that other types of strap can never do. Thus giving you a custom fit to your wrist without needing any special tools to do so. 


When you wear our strap, your watch becomes unique in a world of copies. New strap, new watch! 

Have a new look everyday with your current watch collection by switching out the strap. It’s like having an endless supply of watches by combining it with different strap designs.

Imagine standing out from those rich and stuck up boomers by being different with your fabric strap design. Show your adventurous and rugged side with a fabric strap that Double O seven wears while he saves the world.  

Go from a modern and rugged look or keep it simple and subtle with a stealthy look in just a minute by changing the strap.

The money you saved for buying a new watch allows you to get a huge variety of different strap designs at an affordable price. Bring new life to your old watch with a new fabric watch strap.


It’s a total jungle out there when you are looking for a quality watch strap. If you buy a cheap strap, you will almost certainly get cheap quality and risk damaging/loosing your wrist watch. You might save money on the strap but you risk loosing your watch and that will cost you more like it did to me. 

You can stick to what you are having and suffer from itchy wrist, smelly straps and constantly worry that your watch might be damaged/lost due to a weak link in the strap design. 

What’s the price of this strap? 

My dream is for every watch wearer to wear a walrus by making this strap affordable and yet enjoy luxurious comfort & style for all watch wearing wrist. I wanted to spread the vision of how our everyday actions can make a difference to both the wildlife and our children’s future.

Tudor is selling their fabric straps at $295 and I know it might be tough for someone who is starting work and need to make a solid good impression. 

I want you to enjoy all the benefits that my watch strap has given me…

At only $97 $45 until it’s sold out

The reason why I am doing this at this price for now is because I know what’s it like to spend money on a cheap watch strap only to be let down by their lousy standards, poor designs and flimsy hardware. They are only interested in getting the sale and not have your best interest at heart.

I wanted my company to be different.

After spending years in research and development, 11 different prototypes and numerous failures to create this piece of art.

I’m going to be passing you all my hard work for just $45 for this watch strap because I want to give my customers luxurious quality at an affordable price.

I promise that you will absolutely enjoy the comfort, quality and feel and fit of the Vintage Military Watch Strap.

With the excellent fail safe designs in place to protect your watch, you can save yourself from a hefty repair bill if there was a springbar malfunction.

I had to waste $827 to replace my sapphire glass and repair my watch from that uneventful event. All this could have been avoided with the VTG Mil Strap for just $45.

If there is any issue with the hardware of the Vintage Military Watch Strap, go to the bottom of this page and click on the contact customer chat support and we will guide you on how return the strap back and we will replace it free of charge with no questions asked.

I am that confident that it will work for you as we have thousands of customers who love our strap and I believe you will love it too.

Select your preferred color for your strap below by clicking on it 

The Vintage Military Watch Strap is only avaliable exclusively here as I am the designer and producer of it


Now it’s your turn to take action

If you have read up to here, you are considering either 1 of the 3 options ahead which can lead to very different outcomes for both your watch and your wrist. 

Option 1 is to keep using your current dirty watch strap

Try smelling your watch strap now and try to recall when was the last time you wash both your watch and strap? If it smells funky, it’s time for you to go get that cleaned.

If you look closely at the grooves at the bottom of the watch head, if you see grime and dirt accumulating around the lug area, you should go get that cleaned. 

Can your watch strap be thrown into the washing machine like ours or do you have to take time to send it to a cleaner or do it yourself? 

If your watch spring bar were to break while on the go, would your watch be safe? 

Option 2 is to buy a cheap, flimsy & low quality strap which may cost you more pain than savings

You can buy a cheap strap from greedy watch strap companies who short change you by cutting corners with their hardware and fabric quality in order to make a higher profit.

Know that you can risk loosing your watch due to their lousy failsafe design with their buckle and their fabric would get frayed quickly. This is done so that they can get you to buy from them again.

Our straps are not the cheapest in the market but we are giving you well designed high quality hardware and durable fabric of a luxury branded strap at a price of a normal leather strap. Our watch straps are built to last a lifetime in mind.

Option 3 is to invest $97 $45 on a VTG Mil watch strap and have a peace of mind knowing your watch and wrist are safe, secure and comfy.

Get our straps exclusively here and see what a difference it makes on both your watch and wrist.

Bring new life to your watches and let your skin breathe with our polycotton fabric. Experience the quality and attention to details I have put into this strap and notice how durable it is because we have made it to last a lifetime.

If you are looking for a strap that everyone else is wearing (and there is nothing wrong with that) and want to stick with cheap and inferior quality NATO strap. Then this strap is not for you.

If you’re looking for something unique, better and different from normal NATOS. This is it.

Most of our savvy customers buy a back up strap where they can switch to while the other strap is in the laundry.

This special pricing will be over once my current stock runs out because my friends are complaining that I am undercharging my strap for the quality and attention to detail that I put into this product. With the rising cost of labor and material, I am going to raise my prices once this batch is sold out.

Get yours now to lock in this special pricing before it goes up soon.

R.S.M Vintage Military Series comes in 5 different colors to switch easily between your watches

New strap = New watch

Please select your preferred color for your watch below


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