X Hatch

Have you ever wondered how 3D images are created on the common note?

Dots, lines and hatches. By manipulating variance in thicknesses, lengths of lines and intensities, so many different textures are formed. Skin tones, fabrics softness and even hair textures are created by viewing at a distance.

X-hatch : the new range.

The new weave is made up of dots, forming faint lines at a distance. Lines crossing more defined lines in cross hatches. At certain angles, you can see additional lines forming that wasn’t obvious from previous views. Much like the perception when you observe rows of neatly grown crops in a moving car. New lines form when you thought you have passed the only angle you would see a moment ago.

The new range comes with either 2 piece with quick release spring bars or single pass loop style with micro adjustable length to fit your wrist size.

To the X Hatch Range!

‘I just opened the package and the strap looks better in person’ 

– N. Jones. Maryland, U.S.

‘I received the straps. BEAUTIFUL WORK! Any chance you will be making them soon in 18mm?’ 

–  Christopher G. Virginia, U.S.

‘Thanks for the top quality work. It does feel indestructible on handling it. Damn you doing a fine job’

– Joel C, Singapore

2 thoughts on “X Hatch

  1. Ammier Al Gelehawi says:

    I’ve discovered RSM on instagram, the X-Hatch strap feels superb, It is comfortable and looks stunningly good.

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