Fine Canvas Strap

Fine Canvas Strap

Canvas Strap

Whenever you think of the words canvas strap, images of rugged charm that is slightly worn-out, flashes across your mind. The grains are usually coarse for its purposes as they are often meant for active usage. How is fine canvas strap going to compare itself against the commonly accepted norm? In this write up, we will share with you a new range we named ‘Fine Canvas Strap’. You might agree with the name after seeing the products.

Types of Canvas

What are the types of canvases available out there? Believe us there are just as broad as the types of leathers or glass grades available just to name a few. These are the general categories:

1. Plain Canvas: Typically made from cotton, linen, or synthetic fibers.

2. Duck Canvas: Primarily cotton. 

3. Linen Canvas: Made from flax fibers (linen).

4. Synthetic Canvas: Utilizes synthetic fibers like polyester or nylon.

5. Blended Canvas: Combines different types of fibers, such as cotton-polyester blends.

Essentially, the type of canvas used would fall under the Plain Canvas with cotton yarn category. However, what makes it so special is its density and weaves. We chanced upon this set of amazingly fine canvas fabric and procured them in a heartbeat. It was, that good! Our instincts had led us to these Japan produced canvas. 

Japanese Canvas

Japanese canvas is made from high-quality cotton fibers that are carefully selected and processed. This results in a finer, smoother, and more uniform texture compared to coarse commercial canvas. High-density cotton canvas has a tighter weave. Or it simply means there are more threads per inch than the common canvas.

Their craftsmanship is known for its meticulous attention to detail. The production process of high-density canvas involves precision in weaving and finishing to ensure consistent quality and appearance. Special finishing techniques that enhance the fabric’s properties, such as colorfastness and resistance to wrinkles are applied to a stunning finish. You will see unusually flat strap in this series due to that quality.

This cultural ethos of persistence and perfecting through repetitions translates into high-quality canvas. It has a refined and elegant appearance due to its smooth texture and fine weaves. Usually, this makes it more suitable for applications where aesthetics is important, such as fashion and art. In this case, we translate that beauty to match it with your most prized time pieces.

See how the finer, tighter weave on the left feels like compared to the common canvas strap on the right.


It was not our intent to relate the colors to Japanese names just for the sake of marketing purposes. If we placed some kanji on a product, it does not make it Japanese. Many will fall for it. Rather, the quality and finesse would reflect that sort of vibes about them. So here are the colors available:

松樹 (Pine Khaki) in Basic / White Accent

If you look at the Japanese black pine cones, depending on which stage they are in, they sometimes retain a tinge of olive tone in their natural browning process.

岩石 (Stone Grey) in Basic / White Accent

The Ashino stone used in traditional Japanese gardens has a Blue-Grey version that is most distinct when the blue hue of the clear sky illuminates it.

黑炭 (Black Coal) in Basic / Khaki Accent

There is a building technique call “shou sugi ban” (焼杉板) where wood are fired into black, charcoal-like surface. This increases their durability and resistance to fire or pests. The timber board surface turns into matte black, coal-like surface that ranges from velvety black to shades of dark grey.

焙じ茶 (Roasted Tea) in Basic / Black Accent

Hojicha is produced by roasting green tea to its final form. The taupe or chestnut color of hojicha powder invokes a sense of warmth and coziness.


What buckle? Just slap on a regular, whatever steel grade buckle that is cheapest. Print our logo and put on the new range. Not for us. We do not think you would like that either.

This picture on the left is one of the most common belt buckles. It is easily the most comfortable belt to date which begs the question: why are watch strap buckles not made in this fashion?

So, we made it. It removed one of the keepers so you can keep them as spare in case the first one spoils in the future. And our stainless steel are 316 L grades. Most importantly, this geometry reduces the stress on the strap and your wrist. You will forget you are wearing a watch after a while.


Many wondered, why doesn’t RSM make ANY straps that tapers. Personally, we do like them tapered. The fact is, we have been making single passes or 2 pieces that are machine woven. We do not shape them, and most sports straps are not as dainty. Now that the new range are handmade, we jumped on the opportunity of tapering our straps:

Strap widths

These straps come in the following widths:

22mm lug width taper to 20mm buckle width.

20mm lug width taper to 16mm buckle width.

19mm lug width taper to 16mm buckle width.

18mm lug width taper to 16mm buckle width.

Strap Lengths

5.5″ to 6.5″ – S size with lengths 65mm + 105mm

6.5″ to 7.25″ – M size with lengths 75mm + 110mm

7.25″ to 8.25″ – L size with lengths 85mm + 125mm

The more we produce, the more we understand the sensitivity of dimensions of straps to wrists. You can see that the increase in wrist size does not proportionately increase in strap lengths for the tail side. Many of you will enjoy this new range due to its sizing other than the material and the buckle. The sizes came from your votes.

Wear the Canvas Walrus today.