About RSM

Watch people often refer to watch straps as the shoes of a watch. Just as it’s important for footwear to be comfortable, durable and aesthetically pleasing, the same holds true for watch straps. From the way they look and feel to the way they are made, the right watch strap can make a difference to your timepiece. This, in a nutshell, is our philosophy.

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How We Got Started

It all started with an unhealthy passion for utilitarian watch straps, those paired with tool watches. When we couldn’t find purpose-driven straps that were well-made and affordable, we decided to make them ourselves. We started with our version of the herringbone twill watch strap inspired by the military uniforms of World War II. After a year working through prototypes with three different factories, the 11th model finally matched all our requirements.

Regardless of the material, how good a watch strap is depends on how it’s made. Not only do we choose the highest quality nylon, poly-cotton and silk, but we are also meticulous with manufacturing. Through endless back-and-forth, we settle on the best weave patterns, stitching, and quality of hardware so that each part of the strap is top notch. 

How We Choose Our Strap Materials

When it comes to poly-cotton watch straps, we worked on finding the right blend so that the strap looks natural and feels soft, but where the eyelets won’t fray easily. As for the reversible silk watch straps, we found and persuaded a master artisan specialized in silk products to work with us. New fastening hardware and adapted weave patterns removed the need for eyelet holes that would have damaged and denatured the silk.

While using recycled materials is trendy, in our experience, watch straps made of recycled materials tend to be stiffer and harder to work with. Like cheap straps, they won’t have much wrist time and will soon be tossed. Our philosophy is to make straps that are comfortable and robust, lasting for years to come. You will appreciate the gentle signs of wear and tear that slowly accumulate over time, just like you do with your favorite timepiece.

Long Lasting

Over Recycled

How We Built Our Collections

Our founder is an architect by trade with 20+ years of experience under his belt. In architecture, each project is different with its own set of challenges — terrain, climate, size, and types of buildings that can be at opposite ends of a spectrum. With this in mind, each of our watch strap collections serves a unique purpose. We don’t simply make minor changes and add new colors to existing designs. No. We create new designs, choose novel materials, and develop new manufacturing techniques to transform our ideas into reality.

A good looking and well-made watch strap doesn’t have to be expensive. We relentlessly push for excellence in material and manufacturing as far as we think is appropriate in order to sell at a price we deem reasonable. This way, we are fair in affordability while remaining competitive in quality.
Our Story

How We Serve Our Customers

RSM started because of our own experience as customers. We make it a priority to live up to and go beyond the same expected standards as watch strap creators. As with our products, we provide a customer experience that is personalized, efficient, and user-friendly. We want to help you find a watch strap that best fits you.

Our mission is to empower people through sustainable fashion. We want everyone to look and feel good, while also doing our part to help the environment.

What About the Walrus?

It’s a cute animal. More than that, the walrus is an old species with ancestors dating back 14 million years. They are large, live up to 40 years old, and use their tusks to lift sediments from the ocean bed to feed on small mollusks. In other words, they have been around for a long time, live long, and are strong. They embody our watch straps, designed and built to last a long time and accompany you in all of your adventures, big or small.