Modern Rolex models paired with unique straps

Modern Rolex models paired with unique straps

Your grail watch is finally within reach – a handsomely crafted Rolex, captivating in every aspect and detail – but you aren’t sold on its conformist appearance. What’s the best watch strap that will endow your Rolex with a unique and memorable aesthetic? The watch collectors of Instagram have several watch pairing ideas that you can work off.

Most watch collectors are familiar with the history of Rolex, the world’s highest grossing luxury watch brand, by far, which enjoys instant recognition even in the furthest corners of the earth. Purportedly an abbreviation for “ho(rol)ogical (ex)cellence”, the name “Rolex” was meant by its founder Hans Wilsdorf as an internationally pronounceable word that would epitomise horological excellence, and that it did.

Today, the technical precision and reliability of Rolex is the watch industry’s gold standard, and its esteemed watches are a conduit that convey an owner’s accomplishments.

However, even though Rolexes are highly sought-after, not every Rolex wearer is keen on a conventional and uneventful aesthetic.

Here’s where RSM watch straps can help you add some pizzazz to your Rolex. A timepiece is more than a device for telling the time – it’s a conversation piece, symbol of your tribe and a canvas for expressing your individuality, so here are some pairing suggestions of how to make your baby stand out.


Photo credits for header image: @jensb1954 (far left); @enthuseddad; @bevgeekwatches

Rolex Datejust with RSM silk strap
Rolex Datejust paired with reversible silk strap


The RSM reversible silk strap has many jubilant colours that go well with the Rolex Datejust. Introduced in 1945 and distinguished by its Oyster case and cyclops lens, the self-winding Datejust has come to personify regal sophistication, especially this 36mm model with large Roman numerals, which is why it goes so well with this fine silk strap.


Pepsi Rolex GMT Master II with RSM herringbone twill strap
Rolex GMT Master II paired with herringbone twill strap


The tool watch of 1955 that would change the trajectory of sports watches, the GMT Master II started a two-tone bezel trend that is imitated to this day. Designed to tell pilots the time in multiple time zones, the GMT Master was inspired by Pan American World Airways, hence its two-toned bezel, and the GMT Master II featured an improved movement that allows the independent quick-setting of the 24-hour hand. Swapping out the Oyster bracelet and Jubilee bracelet, @enthuseddad accentuates the unmistakable red-blue bezel of the “Pepsi” GMT Master II with RSM’s herringbone twill in icarus blue.


Rolex Oyster perpetual with RSM herringbone twill strap
Oyster Perpetual paired with herringbone twill strap


Prominent Instagrammer @jensb1954 too secured his Rolex to a herringbone twill strap. This RSM watch strap is a top-selling model because of its unusual pattern that provides contrast and visual depth to a case and dial. If you were hoping that a Rolex starring Santa and his reindeer exists, sorry to burst your bubble – this Christmas theme was probably photoshopped onto this Oyster Perpetual.


Rolex Explorer II and Omega Seamaster with RSM stripe straps
Rolex Explorer and Omega Seamaster paired with stripe strap


You can also consider the option of securing your Rolex to an RSM Engraved stripe strap. RSM has an option with orange highlights that match the famous orange accents of the Explorer II – accents that were meant to provide time-telling legibility to mountaineers and explorers of the Poles.

The understated Explorer II is beloved for its white aesthetic that reflects the Poles and mountain peaks that its owners have conquered. However, the Explorer II wasn’t so well received when it was launched in 1971, because of its features that were a stark departure from other Rolexes of the time. You see, this watch’s huge bezel numerals, lume-filled hands and dial indices were designed for spelunking, a low-light activity. Instagrammers @thechillseeker and @bevgeekwatches have paired the Explorer II with the RSM vintage military strap.


Rolex Explorer II with herringbone twill
Rolex Explorer II paired with herringbone twill


An American influencer who has photographed a wide array of independent and mainstream watches, @enthuseddad juxtaposes the pale features of his Explorer II with the zig-zag pattern of the RSM herringbone twill strap.


Rolex OysterRolex Oyster
Oyster Perpetual paired with fine canvas strap and engraved stripe strap


Similarly, the RSM canvas strap goes well with spacious white dials. These contemporary straps in various colours can transform the overall look of low-key Rolexes such as this Oyster Perpetual. For a more eye-catching aesthetic, match your subtle Rolex with the RSM engraved stripe strap.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 with RSM stripe strapblue Rolex Datejust with RSM stripe strap
Rolex Oyster Perpetual and Rolex Datejust paired with engraved stripe straps


In another instance of understated sophistication, @jensb1954 shows us how he pairs his Rolexes with RSM engraved stripe straps. Available in various colour combinations, these engraved stripe straps have a three-dimensional look and tactile feel, which leave an unforgettable impression. The 12 and 6 o’clock indices of these Rolexes seem to flow out of the dial and around the wrist.


Rolex Yacht-Master with RSM stripe strap
Rolex Yacht-Master paired with stripe strap


And if you like water sports and seafaring, you might fancy this stripe strap-and-Rolex Yacht-Master combination. The Rolex Yacht-Master is a 1990s maritime icon that is distinguished by the raised numerals of its rotating bezel. Here, we’ve swapped out the Oyster bracelet and paired this aquatic timepiece with a blue RSM stripe strap, which has a sailing theme that vibes with the Yacht-Master, giving this watch a totally different appearance.


Rolex Submariner with RSM stripe strap
Rolex Submariner paired with stripe strap


For many young Rolex collectors, their first purchase is the Rolex Submariner. If you are eager to make this entry-level Rolex of yours stand out, consider pairing it with the lively colour combinations of the RSM stripe strap range, like how @thecolumbiawatchsociety did here. Exuding a different feel from the earlier Explorer II, Oyster Perpetual and Datejust combinations with the stripe strap, the obsidian dial and bezel of the black Rolex Submariner in this case acts as a quiet canvas for the vivacious RSM stripe strap.


Rolex Submariner on RSM herringbone twill strap
Rolex Submariner paired with herringbone twill strap


To proffer more combination ideas to you, we’ve mounted the Rolex Sub onto the RSM herringbone twill strap. When it comes to watches with a lot of blank space in their design, the busy geometric motif of the herringbone twill strap provides lovely contrast.


Rolex Submariner on RSM camo strap
Rolex Submariner paired with camo strap


If you’d like to bring out the tool watch aspect of your Rolex Submariner, pair it with an RSM military strap. However, if you’d like to create a bolder ensemble, match it with the RSM camo strap for a truly head-turning aesthetic.

We hope these beautiful photos gave you some inspiration? Visit our product page to view the array of RSM straps that you can pair with your Rolex.