Pair your Omega watch with an RSM watch strap

Pair your Omega watch with an RSM watch strap

Ask for an introduction to Omega watches and its fans will tell you about how the brand has been the official timekeeper for prestigious sports meets including many Olympic Games.

Omega has been synonymous with space exploration ever since astronaut Buzz Aldrin wore his Omega Speedmaster Professional during the Apollo 11 mission in 1965. Omega has also been fictional spy James Bond’s choice watch, ever since 007 actor Pierce Brosnan wore the Omega Seamaster in 1995’s GoldenEye.

Omega was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt, who assembled key-wound pocket watches. Brandt's business quickly grew as his reputation for purveying high-quality timepieces spread far and wide.

Around the late 19th century when Brandt’s watches became widely known as “Omega watches”, Brandt would introduce the 19-ligne Omega calibre, which raised the bar for precision and reliability. After Brandt’s “Omega” watches became wildly popular, Brandt changed the company’s name to Louis Brandt & Frère - Omega Watch Co.

From the co-axial escapement developed with watchmaker George Daniels to the recent Omega Spirate that allows micro fine-tuning, Omega has never stopped innovating, which is why the brand continues to amass fans from around the world, who are deeply passionate about the art and science of precision watchmaking.

Just like Omega, the spirit of RSM is one of toughness, effortless elegance and innovation.


Photo credits for header image: @losrelojesdesergio (left); @watchsymmetry; @hands_and_bezel

First released in 1957, the Speedmaster was originally designed as a racing chronograph, but, as many of you know, would become the first watch worn into space in 1965. As Aldrin’s choice watch, the Speedmaster would eventually become the first watch to land on the moon in 1969.

While we're used to seeing the “Speedy” on its iconic steel bracelet, the Instagrammers above have shown how pairing your Speedy with an RSM canvas strap can endow it with a versatile, metropolitan feel.

Above, @rockmastermike and @sharptiming both had the same idea of pairing their vintage Speedmasters with the khaki-coloured RSM vintage military strap, which makes this historic watch look extra rugged and contemporary.

Driven by a desire to make the Speedy accessible to more people, the groundbreaking partnership between Swatch and Omega would become a global event. Not limited and flying off the shelves whenever they are restocked, the MoonSwatch is now one of the most common watches around.

If you’re thinking about conferring your MoonSwatch a unique appearance, check out how @talkingabouttime and @fakedinvestment matched their ‘Mission to Jupiter’ and ‘Mission to Mercury’ with RSM vintage military straps of different colours.

The RSM vintage military strap can emphasise the military history of your Omega Seamaster. This legendary watch was first unveiled in 1948, is distinguished by distinct dive watch features like a helium escape vale, screw-down crown and bright lume. Starting with GoldenEye, the Seamaster would eventually establish a long, world-famous partnership with the James Bond franchise.

When secured to an RSM herringbone twill strap, the zigzag patterns of this fabric strap juxtapose the spacious design, and large numerals and indices of Seamaster watches, as demonstrated above by @watchoutblog.

@losrelojesdesergio found an RSM stripe strap that sports the same colours as his Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean. Bravo!

The Omega Railmaster is the least famous of the “Professional Trilogy”, introduced alongside the Speedmaster and Seamaster. While the other two were dedicated to drivers, divers, spacemen and the sort, the Railmaster was designed for railway workers, engineers and any profession that experienced strong magnetic fields.

Above, you’ll see popular Instagrammer @jensb1954 match the wood veneer-like dial, and sword-like pointers and indices of his Railmaster, to an RSM stripe strap.

Talking about the global popularity of the MoonSwatch, @jensb1954 owns the ‘Mission to Saturn’. Above, he has paired its beautiful grey palette with the energetic motif and olive hue of the RSM herringbone twill strap.

Inspired by an Omega from 1939 and its 30-T2 small seconds calibre, the Omega CK 859 is distinguished by blued hands and markings, and a dial fashioned from Ag 925 silver. @watchsymmetry paired this spellbinding vintage chock full of old-school details, with a debonair RSM canvas strap.