Modern Tudor watches secured to the wrist by eye-catching watch straps

Modern Tudor watches secured to the wrist by eye-catching watch straps


In recent times, Tudor has truly and undoubtedly emerged from the shadow of its big brother, Rolex. No longer seen as a poor man’s Rolex, Tudor has garnered a huge international following, is associated with Jay Chou, David Beckham, the New Zealand All Blacks and pro cycling. The brand today boasts hugely successful and veritable horological icons like the Tudor Pelagos and Tudor Black Bay. If you’re thinking of matching your Tudor with a unique strap, check out some of the gorgeous pairings below, courtesy of Tudor fans from around the globe.

It bears repeating that we are now living in Tudor’s most exciting era yet – Tudor’s golden age, if you will. Tudor created Kenissi in the early 2010s, a new entity within Tudor which comprises highly skilled watchmakers that would engineer Tudor’s in-house movements. These movements designed by Kenissi were so impressive that Kenissi would be engaged by brands like Bell & Ross, Breitling, Chanel, Norqain and TAG Heuer to build complex movements. Collectors now have greater respect for the technical aspects of these brands, because of the priceless contributions of Kenissi.

Today, when a consumer is shopping for a watch with a budget of about $4,000 to $6,000, Tudor watches are indispensable from the conversation, especially the Tudor Black Bay, which sports vintage features that pay homage to classic Tudor icons.


Photo credits for header image: @hendersonhorology (far left); @geidim_jor; @hendersonhorology


Tudor Black Bay 58 paired with the RSM fine canvas strap


Here, the suave Black Bay 58 holds its own beside the vaunted Omega Speedmaster. Both are paired with the RSM Fine Canvas strap, but which do you prefer? We love these pairings by @hendersonhorology, where the grainy texture of these canvas straps beautifully juxtaposes the polished surfaces of these watches.


Tudor Black Bay paired with the RSM fine canvas strap


Renowned in the watch collector circles for his captivating macro shots, @jerkchicken22 had the same idea for his Black Bay.


Tudor Black Bay 58s paired with the RSM x-hatch strap


The motif of RSM’s X-hatch strap too does well to accentuate the smooth surfaces of this Black Bay 58, as demonstrated by @awatchtowear.


Tudor Black Bays paired with the RSM military straps


Available as a single pass strap or a two-piece strap, the RSM military strap too complements the Black Bay well, as demonstrated by these Instagrammers’ cool shots. The design of the RSM military straps is based on the actual military apparel and equipment that the Allies used during World War II. Similarly, the Tudor Black Bay is a utilitarian dive watch that is favoured by divers and naval forces around the world.


Tudor Black Bay 58 paired with the RSM engraved stripe strap


Endow your Black Bay with an unconventional and contemporary look when you secure it to an RSM engraved stripe strap. What draws collectors to this strap is its visual depth – the stripe of this strap is recessed like a valley and it is available in several youthful colours.

@hands_and_bezel too created a cool blue combination by securing a blue Tudor Black Bay to a stripe strap.


Tudor Black Bay 58 paired with the RSM stripe strap


Tudor Pelagos paired with the RSM military strap


Here, @wildbezel has opted to pair the Tudor Pelagos watch with the RSM military strap. The Pelagos was designed to be a reliable accessory for high-level divers, and some Pelagos models are engineered to be waterproof down to a depth of 500m. From afar, how can you tell a Pelagos from a Black Bay? The main distinguishing trait of the Pelagos is its square indices. While many differentiating characteristics of the Pelagos and Black Bay have overlapped over the years, the Black Bay features circular indices which the Pelagos has never. By the way, the Pelagos just won 'Best Sports Watch' at the 2023 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève.


Tudor Pelagos paired with the RSM x-hatch strap


@thejames80 placed his Pelagos atop an RSM X-hatch strap. We love how the X-hatch’s pattern brings out the smooth features of this watch, and how the tool watch appearance of this strap reminds us of the Pelagos’s military provenance. The Black Bay and Pelagos both descend from the historic Tudor Submariner, which was discontinued at the turn of the century.


Tudor Pelagos paired with the RSM military strap


We love how @geidim_jor’s blue-on-blue combination that pays tribute to G.I.Joe and Cobra Commander. And look at how @bevgeekwatches’s blue Tudor Pelagos pops on the olive green RSM strap.


Tudor Pelagos FXD paired with the RSM camo strap

If you enjoy military-themed combinations, @m.adcock81 hit the bullseye again with this watch pairing. The Tudor Pelagos FXD is synonymous with professional divers and competitive water sports, and here @m.adcock81 has paired his FXD with the RSM camo strap.

Below, you can admire @hendersonhorology's Pelagos-and-RSM camo strap pairing:


Tudor Pelagos and Seiko SKX007 paired with RSM camo straps


Tudor Ranger paired with the RSM two-piece military strap


Last but certainly not least, prominent Sydney-based collector @realrac36l showcases the Tudor Ranger on an RSM two-piece military strap. If you recall the British North Greenland Expedition of 1952 and the Oyster Prince watches that those explorers wore, well, the Tudor Ranger is a tool watch relaunched in 2022 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of that historic expedition. Hans Wilsdorf registered the name ‘Ranger’ shortly after registering the Tudor trademark, and early iterations of the Ranger were some of the most robust Tudor watches ever made. Their highly legible and luminescent numerals and indices might remind you of brands like Bell & Ross and Panerai, which also make utilitarian watches built for visibility even in harsh conditions. What better strap to complement this retro-inspired watch, than the RSM military strap that is themed on heavy-duty equipment from that same era.