NATO or Single Pass Straps

NATO or Single Pass Straps


Are you making a choice between NATO or Single Pass Straps? Before we get into the comparison, we have discovered so many of us have chosen to cut their NATO straps. Why do they cut the extra flap from NATO straps?

The answer lies in the remarkable transformation it brings. In this article, we’ll show you videos and sites explaining this fascinating trend. If it is not a worthy discovery, it would not have captivated so many watch enthusiasts. The cutting process effectively turns a NATO strap into a Single Pass strap. Many prefer the Single Pass over the traditional NATO design with 2 bulky layers below the watch. Notice the number of views on the YouTube video. It reflects the popularity of the refined version.

We’ll explain the idea of adding an adjustable function to the strap. It is probably borrowed from the common adjustable backpack that is brilliant! However, it is still relatively unknown to the general watch owners.

The Misconception:

We initially thought that most are well-versed in the differences between NATO and Adjustable Single Pass straps (ASP). In reality, many are unclear about the distinctions and struggle with looping them. The recurring comment of ‘Your strap is way too short’ happens quite often. Numerous buyers receive the ASP, attempt to loop it like a NATO strap, only to realize it’s even less straps to deal with. The good news is that once these users access our Technical Information, they become astounded by the ease and versatility of the ASP compared to the NATO strap. To save you time, if you see the 2 images below, you can already tell the differences.

The image on the left is posted in Reddit. You will note that there are passionate arguments about whether the 2nd layer is needed. The truth is that all of the advantages about how it can safe your watch in the event 1 spring bar fails is also covered by the Single Pass. On the right is a single pass that has only a single layer below the watch case. Read the thread here

Some might worry that the watch head may slip and fall on the ground when removing them. That can happen if the strap is very thin or if the gap between the spring bars and case is too big. We have not heard of it since most of us are quite careful with watches.

Adding Adjustability Function:

The concept of the Adjustable Single Pass strap is relatively simple but highly effective. It features a sliding buckle mechanism similar to what you find on backpack straps. This adjustable feature is what sets the ASP apart from traditional NATO and ZULU straps.

Unlike NATO straps, which have fixed lengths and can sometimes be too loose or tight, the ASP provides a perfect fit for every individual. It eliminates the need to cut the strap or fold it back like with NATO straps, offering a sleek and clean appearance on the wrist.

This adaptability makes the ASP strap an excellent option for people with different wrist sizes, allowing them to wear their watches comfortably and securely without any extra hassle. Additionally, the ability to adjust the strap means that it can easily accommodate changes in wrist size due to temperature, physical activity, or other factors.


Embrace the trend of moving from NATO straps to ASP straps and unlock a world of benefits and versatility. Discover why this trend has caught on among watch enthusiasts and the advantages it offers over traditional NATO straps. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your watch-wearing experience with this innovative and practical accessory.

We have developed many ASP using different yarns and weaving structure. They become unique watch straps for different occasions. Please check them out for your considerations:

Nylon – toughest strap you need

Polyester – dense weaving while remaining supply on your wrist

Polycotton – retro vibes, blast from the past

Silk – amazing details with pure class